If you are a pet owner who dearly loves your companion animal and would benefit with assistance in looking after them, we may be able to help. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to walk them, change their litter tray or grooming them.


Pets for Life is a free service and can help with these practical tasks to keep you and your pet living happily together.


All our volunteers are trained and police checked.


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The volunteer’s role has several components. Firstly they assist the pet owner to maintain the pet’s welfare by fulfilling roles that the pet owner is unable to do. Secondly the volunteer provides an additional community connection for the pet owner, who in turn provides the same for the volunteer.

Volunteers visit from an hour once a week to several times a week, depending on their availability and what is convenient to both participant and volunteer.

Due the crucial 'relationship' component of the Pets for Life program, volunteers are requested to commit to volunteering for a minimum of 6 months. 


The most common tasks required are dog walking, changing a cat litter tray, basic grooming, and support with the occasional visit to the vet.


Volunteers are always covered by our insurance while performing their role.


Getting Pets for Life in your community

Pets for Life was developed and is delivered on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Caloundra Community Centre is interested in seeing this program being offered in other regions by local groups and organisations.

After 11 years, with over 180 pet owners and 250 volunteers, we have the expertise, resources and tools to get your organisation up and running if you are interested in delivering Pets for Life out of your community.

By providing a licensed Pets for Life program your organisation will receive all the logos, program materials, forms, training manuals and presentations, we will provide support with funding applications, and ongoing supervision.